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MindfulMoms™ Circle

MindfulMoms™ Circle is not the traditional mom group.  Our mission is to create a place for moms—in all stages of motherhood—to join with one another with loving, mindful, intention.

The first circle is FREE! Awaken the mom you are meant to be!


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Avalon is proud to partner with the only freestanding birthing center in New Jersey! 


I’ve taken several classes at Avalon Wellness Center and they have all been fantastic. Infant CPR & Care Class was really helpful to review while pregnant. Essential Oils for Mommy & Me with Hanina Osborn was AMAZING - I’m hooked! She is such a great resource. I’m also a big fan of the Friday Mommy & Me Meet-up group! Thank you Avalon for being such a great resource!
— Lindsay F.
I’ve been enjoying the Mindful Mama Yoga class at Avalon Wellness Center for several weeks in my third trimester - so glad this class is offered! Nicole’s thoughtful themes and creative sequences always make me feel so much better - on both an emotional and a physical level. Physically, she always seems to know what modification will help me experience the pose in a more beneficial way. Emotionally, she offers compelling perspectives that help me reframe my narrative. Nicole is also hilarious and a seasoned mama of four, so I appreciate her telling it how it is! I wholeheartedly recommend Nicole’s class to any mama - and I look forward to joining after our little one’s arrival!
— Jane D.

Your Pregnancy Journey

a tour through Avalon Wellness Center

Mindful Birth® Workshop

w/ Lori O’Connor & Jennifer Watt, RPYT®, CD(DONA)

5/15, 7-9pm | 6/2, 12-2pm

  • Positions, movement & techniques that can be used to help aid baby into optimal birthing position, encourage the progress of labor as well as ease discomfort.

  • Breathing and visualization techniques for a calm and relaxed birth.

  • Helpful tips on how to create your perfect birth scene using all 5 senses.

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