By Hanina Osborn, Essential Oil Educator & doTERRA Wellness Advocate

It was always a foreign idea to me how a person could pay for schooling, become an expert in a certain area, and then leave that position and do something totally different. I mean, I knew people did it, but I didn’t realize that it was okay to do that, nor did I ever imagine myself doing that. I thought, if I invested that much in something, I needed to stay with it, no matter what. And maybe I never really considered it because I never felt stuck before and the thought of changing my career path never crossed my mind. I was an educator and I loved what I did. I lived, ate, and breathed teaching. That is, until having children came into the picture.

After having my first son in 2010, going back to work was difficult, but I still loved what I did. After each summer as he got older, going back became harder and harder. My son was my little buddy and I hated the thought of leaving him and he wasn’t fond of leaving me either. We would both cry come September. And actually, come August, I would already be thinking, “I can’t believe I have to go back to work in a month.” Talk about struggling to live in the moment. In the end though, I made the best of it and made our time together quality time. Plus, I still loved teaching! So even though I had to be away from my son to work, I LOVED my job. I wanted to be a teacher since I was a little kid and the fact that I still loved what I did ,and got paid for it, was pretty awesome.

Then of course... baby #2 came around. We actually struggled to get pregnant with my youngest because I was so stressed out at work. Hmmm, was this the beginning of the end? LOL. When I was pregnant with my youngest in 2013, I knew I would be able to take off a good chunk of time to be home with him and I couldn’t wait. 9 months! 9 months home with my two boys! 9 months no e-mail, no phone calls, no meetings, no grading papers. It was freakin’ awesome! Until it was time to go back to work.

By time I went back to work in September 2014, I felt like everyone was speaking a different language. There were more acronyms than I knew what to do with and I couldn’t care less about any of them. I was turned off by the common core and curriculum changes and turned on by my desire to spend more time with my husband and kids. From class period to class period, all I could think about was being back home with my boys. I was miserable. I literally cried 5 out of the 9 periods of the day. I even had to turn my back to my students at times because I was crying. I knew I needed the paycheck from school, but I wanted desperately to be home with my boys. I felt stuck and finally understood what always felt so foreign to me.

After teaching English/Language Arts for 12 years, the decision to leave the public school system to teach about essential oils did not come easy because of the paycheck involved. I always heard co-workers say things like, “Well, only 15 years before retirement.” But I kept thinking, “15 years?! God! I can barely stand 15 minutes anymore! How am I going to being able to stick this out for 15 more years?!” And why should we? Why should we have to be miserable just to get the paycheck? I didn’t want to just stick it out and wait for the day to be over to be with my family. That wasn’t living to me. And with my passion for teaching in a school fading fast, I had to come up with alternatives quickly. After much hemming and hawing, working with my sister who is a life coach, brainstorming tons of alternative career paths, and drawing up different resumes, to find my answer, I really had to go inside myself and think about who I was, what I loved, and what things brought me joy. What did that look like? Being a vegan mama that loves running, hiking, baking, and essential oils. AND... get this... EDUCATION!

So now ... my passion for my lifestyle and doTERRA essential oils has become a business that I can run from home. My curriculum is now essential oil based ... AND I don't have to worry about acronyms, common core, or observations ... AND I can get creative with my classes again, something I felt I was missing! I can be there

for the field trips, class parties, and get my son on and off the bus everyday. I don’t have to worry about how many sick days I have because I am my own boss. I now get to spend more time with my amazing husband, Colin, and I don't have to miss all those moments that I felt I was missing before with my two totally rad and silly boys, Parker (7) and Cooper (4). I even, sometimes, have time for myself now (#momlife)! The ceiling that once kept me down and feeling stuck has been lifted, and it feels AMAZING!

Changing my life and leaving my secure teaching job was definitely scary, I’m not gonna lie, but it was also exciting recognizing that the possibilities of what we can do are limitless. I think that feeling stuck was scarier than changing career paths, and no one should have to feel that way. We have so many talents and things that we are capable of that I think sometimes we forget because we are pigeonholed into something that we were “trained” to do. Making a change can be scary, no doubt. But think about how exciting it can also be when you are doing something you really love and are passionate about!

Hanina teaches Essential Oils for Mommy & Me classes at Avalon Wellness Center monthly.