The Only Freestanding Birth Center in New Jersey Is Officially Open!

Our Birthing Center, The First Birth Center in New Jersey in Over Two Decades!

Our Birthing Center, located at 25 Lindsley Drive, Morristown, NJ, was created to offer families an alternative to natural childbirth. Our Birthing Center combined the comforts and privacy of a home-birth with the safety and security of a hospital birth. Our Birthing Center empowers women to create the birth experience they desire in a safe and warm environment. Our Birthing Center will deliver care in a home-like setting where trained practitioners will provide family-centered care to healthy pregnant women.

Our Birthing Center is proud to partner with Avalon Midwives & Avalon Wellness Center, both located in the same building as Our Birthing Center, 25 Lindsley Drive, Morristown, NJ. Donna Roosa, MS, CNM, Co-Founder of Avalon Midwives & Avalon Wellness Center has been named the Clinical Director of Our Birthing Center.  Avalon Wellness Center works with the top childbirth educators in New Jersey. The wellness center provides on-going classes to educate and prepare families for childbirth and parenthood.  

Our Midwives, Nurses & Doulas have all been trained in the Our Birthing Center Model. Their practitioners subscribe to the "wellness" model of birth, which means they provide continuous, supportive care; free of interventions unless medically necessary. OBC puts the mother in the driver’s seat, giving her the right to decide the circumstances of HER birth to deliver her baby in whatever way she finds most comfortable. Our Birthing Center is a professionally run medical facility. They are regulated by the State and are being accredited by the Commission for the Accreditation of Birth Centers (CABC). Our Birthing Center accepts most major insurance plans and work diligently to ensure their families receive the same coverage they would in a hospital.

Our Birthing Center is privately owned and operated. With three luxurious birthing suites, that include spa like showers, birthing tubs, queen beds, WiFi, essential oil diffusers, private air control & blue tooth speakers in each suite, there is a level of comfort OBC aims to provide. They also have a comfortable and large family room that all are welcome in, families decide who is invited to their births. Our Birthing Center offer tours weekly and encourages families to come see for themselves why they are the premier birthing choice for women seeking an intervention free birth. Virtual Tour of OBC

What People Are Saying:

“My journey to being pregnant was unfortunately not how my husband and I imaged.  Luckily there are amazing doctors and scientists that finally made it possible for us to become pregnant with an expected due date of April 13.  Being in my final trimester I am so excited to be preparing to birth at Our Birthing Center.   A facility that is such a natural and women centered place, I know will make me feel at home and as comfortable as possible during the birth of our child.” ~Rebecca Sharp

“I am so excited about being able to give birth to my daughter at Our Birthing Center! She is expected to arrive the beginning of March! Being a doula myself, I am very familiar with the birth process and I have total confidence in my body to unfold naturally as it was designed to do. Knowing that women have more natural births and far fewer cesareans when they plan to deliver out of the hospital, I wanted to find an alternative yet my husband was not fully comfortable with a home birth. Our Birthing Center was the perfect option for us to have the homelike birth setting I want in an environment that is set up to accommodate a woman having natural childbirth. The facility feels like you are in a luxury hotel suite and it will be even better than giving birth in the comfort of my own home!” ~Heidi Smickenbecker

“I was fortunate to be able to tour the Birthing Center with Jen (leading the tour) an expectant mom and two doulas (Kim and Jade) and was amazed...what a wonderful birth choice women now have!! It was also very interesting to tour the Wellness Center and understand all that Avalon has to offer to support women along this motherhood journey. I would highly recommend women taking a tour and seeing this beautiful place for themselves.” ~Lee Ann Greenly Kern

“What a great option for women in Central NJ! As a birth doula, I know that many women in our area are looking for something in between a hospital birth and a home-birth. This is that option. We took the tour today; what a great facility! I look forward to working with doula clients here in the future.” ~Dorothy Haines