How to Make Your Wishes Come True

A Simple Trick For Manifesting What You Want Into Your Life

Hi y’all! My name is Jen Watt.  Much like most of you I wear many different hats. I am a wife, a mom to three young kids, an entrepreneur, a certified prenatal yoga teacher, a certified doula, an educator, a coach, a student, a Dashboardian, AND… I am an expert in manifesting!  This wasn’t always the case. I struggled with mama burnout and was living in a constant reactive mode, setting goals and “hoping” I’d get to them.  Today I am an expert in mental organization, I work very hard at this skill every day.  Shout out to my mental management mentor Gail Kreitzer the inventor of Dashboarding™, a unique practice for alleviating mental overload, and My Dashboard®, a planner she invented to implement this unique practice. Getting clear and being able to lasso all the swirling thoughts in your mind is definitely the first step.  Step two goes even deeper, it’s about making your wishes come true.  Manifesting is like magic!  It’s about finding this secret power that has always been inside of you to make your dreams come true.  Would you like to know how to use this simple trick I learned to make your dreams and wishes a reality?

Before I give my secret away, I think it’s important to tell you the background on this discovery.  I’m so sorry for the sad story that goes with it…

 A few years back I lost someone very close to me, my cousin Keith Herbert Sisco. He was 36 years old when he passed and had two boys the same ages as my boys, they are now 5 and 8.  I had a hard time with this loss on so many levels.  A few weeks after his death my sister and my cousin, Keith’s younger sister, were strangely invited to appear as guests on the Dr. Oz show with the Long Island Mediums.  Hoping to talk with Keith through one of these mediums they happily accepted.  The segment was short but all of the three mediums took the guests back stage for private readings. Laura Lynne Jackson was the medium assigned to my sister and cousin.  Laura usually charges over $1,000 for a 30-minute reading. She was there face to face with my sister and cousin, back stage of the Dr. Oz show. And… he came through! I swear on my three kids that I believe from the depths of my heart that it was in fact my cousin Keith speaking to Laura.  I watched the video my sister recorded about a million times.  I really couldn’t believe it, but I had to. I went on to read her book, The Light Between Us, so I could better understand her gift and make sense of it all.  OK, here’s where I circle back to my trick, sorry for the sub-story. It was at the end of her book that she gave this amazing tip. Instead of writing out a list of things you “hope” to accomplish in the year to come, write a thank you letter to the universe for all the things that ARE GOING TO HAPPEN in the year to come.  She said that every year she does this, thanking the universe for all the outrageous dreams she wants to come.  Then Laura reads her letter to her husband who laughs in her face every year saying, “no chance in hell that could ever happen.”  Then the following year she opens her letter that she had tucked in a safe place and reads it and laughs right back in her husband’s face because everything did in fact manifest!

 I did this the first year on a small scale. A few years back I was a hot mess. A one year old baby girl and two young boys three and six. I had a brand new wellness center, no previous business background, and a MOUND of things that I needed to get really good at really quick. I had zero clue about how my adult A.D.D. brain with a baby attached to my boob was going to get all this done.  So, I gave it a whirl and it went something like this… “Universe, thank you so much for sending me a mental organizing coach to help me become more efficient, more calm, more clear and still being able to find the time for self-care.” TWO WEEKS LATER… Gail Kreitzer walked into my life! Ya’ll that’s exactly what Gail does!  Her tagline… “I declutter overwhelmed minds.” Mind-blowing to say the least.  And a quick side note I think is worth mentioning… I use the word “universe,” that’s just me, you can use “God,” or whoever it is you pray to.

 The second year I did this, I went a little nuts. I figured, what the hell, go big or go home right? I set some outrageous goals that I turned into a thank you letter to the universe and… THEY ALL CAME TRUE! Here I am at the beginning of 2019 in awe of this magical trick.  Some of the things I have written in my 2019 letter have ALREADY come true!  I feel bad that I’m sitting on this kind of power and not sharing it with everyone.  So here it is, me sharing. 

 Here are some helpful tips on how to get started.

  1. Start by getting clear on what it is you want.  I use My Dashboard® Planner and have a morning routine built all around getting my mind and body clear and focused. If you have a goal or a dream, WRITE IT DOWN.

  2. Sit down with your goals and your gratitude and JUST START WRITING!  Start by thanking the universe for everything you are grateful for from the previous year.  This will shift your mindset into a place of gratitude and abundance.

  3. DREAM BIG but be prepared to add specific details to your visions and dreams. What does it feel, look, taste, smell, sound like to have this dream come true?  Get all of your senses working on this.  Put that vision in your head and don’t let it go.

  4. Have reminders of your dreams around you. I have all my dreams written in My Dashboard Planner and I have a vision board that I update on a regular basis to remind myself what my dreams are, and I look at them both every day!  

Maybe this all sounds a bit nutty to you, but don’t knock it until you’ve tried it.  THEN, when you look back at your year of manifesting greatness into your life be sure to share your story with all of us here at Avalon Wellness Center!  Happy manifesting!!!! 



Jennifer Watt