From Employee to Entrepreneur

By Dailyn Wallace of DaiDesigns

Avalon’s Graphic Designer

In 2014, I decided I was going to stop working for a boss. I was tired of hearing the same thing over and over again, “Dailyn, you’re going to earn this much and you will be making a lot more on commission”. I showed up from 9-5 or sometimes even longer and I went home tired and dissatisfied because I wasn’t getting compensated enough for my hard work. On top of that, my creative spirit was being crushed since I knew that I should have pursued something more creatively-inclined. I said, “This is it, I feel like a caged bird, and I’m not coming to work, I quit!” That was the best thing I ever did. Sometimes you need to have a little bit of faith. See, I was doing graphic design on the side but I didn’t trust my abilities to make a living out of it, but I decided to give it a shot anyways.

After joining countless logo competitions, I won a few here and there, but it wasn’t enough to pay the rent or anything. It was scary, but I pushed on. Then, I met Jennifer Watt, Avalon Wellness Center’s Founder & Director. I joined a logo contest through a site named Hatchwise and she chose my logo. We then built a lovely business relationship, I became her business partner, and then friends for over four years. Although I had other clients I worked for, I had not found someone as special, as committed and as true as Jen. Now I’m Avalon Wellness Center’s Graphic Designer and Social Media Marketer, and I am honored to be part of this family.

Today I live with my husband, whom I adore, and it’s good to have someone that I can rely on for emotional and financial support. Whenever business is slow he encourages me and helps me find new ways to use my creative talent. I am thankful for the people I have in my life, Jen especially. She has been my cheerleader since day one and has always believed in me. Which leads me to my first point, whether you would like to keep your job and supplement your income by starting your own business or If you’re like me and you’re tired of people telling you what to do.

  1. Surround yourself with like-minded individuals. There is power in numbers and two, or three, or four heads are definitely better than one. Surround yourself with people who get you, who can give you support, advice and encourage you to follow your dreams. They must be well-grounded individuals who can also tell you the truth. Take all the advice you can get, but in the end only you can make the decision to explore.Your vibe attracts your tribe.

  2. Have a Vision. Whether you like to encourage other moms during their pregnancy, or you like to teach them about how to nurture their baby, whatever it is that makes you happy and you’re good at, that is your vision. Think about it, write it down, make a vision board, do whatever it takes for you to remind yourself of your destination and plan how you’re going to get there.

  3. Don’t give up. If someone tells you, “No”, that doesn't mean that you should discard your ideas or look for something else, it just means that there might be another way. Sometimes we might be insecure, and scared about doing something we’ve never done before, but if you press on you will find a way. Stop, analyze, and find your way. Don’t let your insecurities get the best of you, push on, and if you believe you can do it, you will.

  4. Face your fears. If you fail once, get up and do it again. Remind yourself why you started and imagine where you will be years from now. Don’t let fear take control of you. According to researchers at the University of Cincinnati, 85% of what people worry about never happens, and with the 15% that did happen, 79% discovered that they could handle the difficulty better than expected.

  5. Brand yourself. Do the research, learn who can benefit more from your product or service and set yourself apart by taking the right steps. If I never got myself out there and didn’t show the world who I was I would have never been as successful as I am today. Yes, word of mouth is a tremendous help, but if you don’t get that first customer to hire you then how are you going to make it?

Is it worth it? Only you can answer that question. I’d say that any career you can have the luxury to do in the comfort of your own home, on your own schedule, totally deserves a shot. Plus, if you have a gift, you should use it. If you find yourself in my situation and you’re ready to make the leap from employee to entrepreneur, then let’s talk. Because If I did it, you can do it too! Nothing gives me more pleasure than to help women achieve their dreams. We are here for a purpose. What’s yours?

Dailyn Wallace


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