We had our first LIVE MindfulMoms™ Circle this morning, IT WAS AWESOME!!! What is MindfulMoms™ Circle you may be thinking….

MindfulMoms™ Circle was created for moms who want to be around other moms who don’t feel the need to judge others, don’t want to feel judged, are done with limiting thoughts that hold them back, want to shed any guilt they may be harboring, want to feel vulnerable enough to ask for help and open enough to offer help when they can. The Circle was created so moms feel safe to ask for what they need without feeling guilty, and feel ok when that help comes their way.  We created The Circle…. FOR YOU!!!!

 What The Circle is not….

A place to be inauthentic & judgmental.  We have worked hard to create a safe place where you get the community, tools & support you need to feel like the mom you are meant to be!

Why is a safe, nurturing, supportive tribe of likeminded women so important? Because we rise by lifting others! RISE US MAMAS!

 To the moms who came to the group today….

 THANK YOU FOR BRINGING YOUR TRUE YOU… and your ridiculously cute children!!! It is not easy opening up in a circle of unfamiliar women, but you did!  The best thing about today was how YOU LED THE GROUP!  We all shared our favorite ways to be MindfulMoms™.  We practiced postures we can do anywhere and link them with deep detoxifying breathes to stay calm throughout our day.  We shared breathing techniques we can do when we start to feel one of our stress triggers creep up.  We learned about different ways to let go of the day, and practice daily gratitude to stay present and mindful. We shared what we are currently working on/struggling with and what we are grateful for NOW. Then… we ended with a wonderful guided meditation; I don’t know about you ladies but Stephanie’s sexy meditation voice really got me into the zone.  The best part was….. we had our babies & toddlers with us!  We nursed, we snacked, we played all while having an adult MindfulMom™ share circle! My cup runneth over MindfulMoms™!!!

 What’s in store for next week?!?!  COME FIND OUT AT THE WEEKLY CIRCLE! Can’t make it, don’t want to wait for next week to join MindfulMoms™? WE GOT YOU! We have the best closed Facebook group, MindfulMoms™ of NJ. Even though we put the NJ in there, we’d love if you joined where ever you are, what ever you have, 1 kid, 4 kids, TTC, Maine, Cali, England… just come as you are, your authentic true YOU! We want to cultivate HAPPY MOMS!  We want you to know that no matter what… WE GOT YOU!!!

 Namaste MindfulMoms™

Jennifer Watt