Happy Mother's Day!

By Stephanie Sackerman, The MindfulMom™ Coach & Founder of Live Love Be Wellness Coaching

This Sunday may be the only official day to honor ourselves as mothers, but giving ourselves love, appreciation, and kindness is a gift we can give to ourselves every day.  As mothers, we carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.  We are willing to do everything—and anything—to give what we believe is the best to the ones we love.  Let us also give the best to ourselves by focusing on how truly incredible we are. 

 Our inner voice develops at an early age, and by the time we’ve reached motherhood, our inner critic is often louder, more powerful, and more believable than our inner nurturer.  Taking time to recognize what we each need and to create a special intention is an incredible way to reframe our perspective and empower our inner nurturer.  As MindfulMoms™, we can call back our power, believe in ourselves, practice letting go, and remind one another that while motherhood changes us, our energy and our identities are evolving, growing, rebuilding, and strengthening.    

 Self-compassion, responding to ourselves as we would to a friend when she makes a mistake or to our children when they fall down, is something we can practice daily.  Instead of criticizing ourselves or judging ourselves for what’s gone wrong, we can remind ourselves that failure is part of the human experience, and we can respond with comfort and compassion. 

 Opening one’s heart with yoga poses, sharing in each other’s low seasons—and high ones, too!—giving ourselves a compassionate break, and appreciating the gift we are to our children and to the world, are some of the ways we can celebrate our amazing selves.

 This Sunday, be thankful for all the good you do, for all the beauty you add to the world, and for how incredibly special you are!  Let each smile, word of appreciation, warm hug, and loving phrase sink in.  Savor the beauty that is yourself—the beauty of a mother. 

 Happy Mother’s Day, MindfulMoms™!