1-Day Childbirth Education Workshop 

This 1-day workshop prepares first time parents for the birth of their child.  This class covers identifying expectations and concerns, anatomy and physiology of pregnancy and childbirth, stages of labor and pain coping techniques, comfort measures and pros and risks of medical intervention.  Avalon’s holistic approach is combined with the Lamaze philosophy (that birth is normal, natural and healthy).  You will also learn techniques, postures and breath work to help you trust your body, the energy of the birth process and your own instincts.  Register


Natural Birthing Course

This 6-part class series will help prepare your body, mind and spirit for natural child birth.  Learn how to stay healthy during pregnancy, options in pregnancy and labor, effective birth coaching through the stages of labor, labor progress techniques, relaxation exercises, and natural coping tools.  Our Birthing Center births require this course. Register


HypnoBirthing® Course: The Mongan Method

This 5-part class series is a unique method of relaxed natural childbirth education.  Enhanced by self-hypnosis, special breathing and visualization techniques, hypnobirthing empowers women to use their natural birthing instincts.  Some course topics include: how to use your mind and emotions to prepare your body for birthing, why labor hurts and why it doesn’t have to, avoiding artificial induction and episiotomy, developing ultimate depth relaxation, understanding the stages of labor, preparing your birth plan, releasing fear and tapping into nature’s own relaxant. Register


Holistic Birthing Refresher for 2nd/3rd Time Parents

This 2-hour refresher workshop will review positioning, relaxation techniques, visualizations, massage, breathing, aromatherapy and more.  The class will also re-examine the physiological and emotional stages of pregnancy, labor, childbirth and the postpartum period. Learn things you may not have picked up the first time around and/or benefit from the knowledge and experiences shared by other parents in the class. Register


The Pelvis in Pregnancy: Understanding the Pelvis for Birth

This workshop is open to Doulas, Prenatal Yoga Teachers, Midwives, and Nurses. You will learn about the pelvis in motion during labor as it relates to the movement of the baby into the pelvis. Learn to ease discomfort, enhance the productivity of contractions, aid the internal expansion of the pelvis. Learn ways to help your client prevent issues that may arise such as “failure to progress” will be addressed in this workshop.

You will learn techniques and movements to support the malleability of the pelvis in laboring clients. Prenatal Yoga Teachers will learn dynamic movements to share in their classes. These movements can be used during pregnancy to alleviate common ailments and to prepare their clients for labor through their yoga classes. Demonstrations of movements and positions to ease discomfort, enhance the productivity of contractions, aid the internal expansion of the pelvis. Learn ways to help your client prevent issues that may arise such as “failure to progress.”  Register

Ayurveda & Yoga 101

Jeanne Karle is a Licensed Esthetician (LE), Registered Yoga teacher (RYT), Ayurveda health counselor (AHC) and an American Association of drugless practitioner (AADP). In This FREE Community Workshop You Will: Learn Ayurveda and Yoga basics for women over 40 and beyond, discover a new schedule to improve your energy, and apply an effective ancient technique to boost your everyday vitality. Register

Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Course

A Hybrid In-Person and Online Class. Are you looking for a childbirth class that gives you the flexibility of online learning, but also the support of in-person connections? By taking the Evidence Based Birth® Childbirth Class, you and your partner will not only learn the evidence for your birth options in an online class, but you’ll also get to meet in-person with an experienced instructor and other parents who are going through pregnancy and birth just like you! Some of the topics we’ll cover in class include: How your Partner can be your Advocate, Evidence Based Care, Overcoming Fears and Anxieties, Comfort Measures, Stages of Labor, Communicating with Hospital Staff, Interventions, Pain Relief, Labor Rehearsal, Postpartum, Newborn Procedures, Baby Care, Breastfeeding and more. Register

WaterBirthing Workshop

This 2-hour workshop explains the benefits of WaterBirth for both mother and baby and is strongly recommended for anyone considering laboring or birthing in water.  Learn the difference between water immersion and WaterBirth and whether you are a candidate.  Explore various safety concerns, like the temperature of the water, whether the baby breathes under water, and how long the baby remains in the water after birth.  Since WaterBirth is one of the most comfortable and gentle ways to give birth, it is very effective for women desiring natural child birth. Register


Baby's First Foods

This 2-hour workshop examines how and when to start solid foods, the differences between baby-led weaning and purees, how to limit the risk of food allergies, which foods to avoid giving your baby, as well as many useful products and resources. Taught by Caitlin Kiarie, RDN, CSR & Founder of Mom-N- Tot Nutrition, this workshop sets the groundwork for developing healthy eating habits in children. Register

Mindful Birth: Breath, Movement & Mindfulness for a Better Birth

In this two and a half hour workshop, you will learn practical tools to support you both  physically and emotionally through your labor and birth. We will practice positions and  movement that can be used to encourage the progress of labor and ease discomfort. We will learn tips and techniques to use, such as breathing, as a tool for mind and body as a support to ease tension and fear. Register


Prenatal Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding may be natural but it can sometimes be a challenge. This 2-hour workshop, will provide you with the tools you need to help you make breastfeeding work for you and your baby. Many moms go through an adjustment period as they learn to breastfeed. This workshop will help make that adjustment period easier by discussing topics such as latching, milk supply, soreness, pumping, engorgement and diet.  Partners are welcome and encouraged to attend. Email to register: http://hello@laidbacklactation.com


Conscious Parenting & Intuitive Eating

Ready for a change to your diet mentality so that you can be a better role model for your children? Have you ever thought "how can I make sure my child doesn't grow up with the same challenges around food that I have"? Many of us are eager to give our children a better shot at life than we had, and don't even realize that our relationship with food gets passed down whether you want it to or not. It's time to reset not only your eating patterns for the new year, but dig deep underneath and reset your EMOTIONS that underly your RELATIONSHIP with food. This dynamic workshop will be led by nutrition expert Caitlin Kiarie of MomNTot Nutrition and conscious parenting expert Maria Sanders of Maria Sanders Parent Coach. Register

Mindful Mama Flow

A supportive and thoughtful weekly yoga class with mindful sequencing. This flow is appropriate for prenatal, postnatal, and anyone interested in an inspiring flow dedicated to the power of motherhood. Incorporating breathing techniques, grounding movements, and ending with a restorative savasana to send you off feeling refreshed. Register

VBAC Preparation

This 2-hour workshop explores the benefits and options available to women seeking a vaginal birth after cesarean section. Learn tips to improve chances of a successful VBAC, hospital policies for trial of labor/VBAC, evidence on the risks and benefits of a trial of labor versus an elective repeat cesarean, emotional hurdles to VBAC and more. Register


FREE Essential Oils Webinar– Managing Pregnancy Discomfort

This FREE webinar will explain the basics of essential oils (what they are and how to use them safely), help you develop a personalized list of essential oils that would be beneficial for managing common discomforts during pregnancy (nausea, back pain, leg cramps, sore breasts, etc.), and identify where and how to purchase Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils.  Once registered for this class, you will receive an email with instructions on how to access this FREE webinar. Register


Essential Oils for Mommy & Me

This workshop will discuss natural ways to care for you and your baby using essential oils.  Learn about essential oils and how to use them safely.  Develop a personalized list of essential oils and tools that can be used to improve the emotional and physical wellness of you and your baby. Learn where and how to purchase Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils. Register


Infant Care & CPR

The first hour of this workshop is dedicated to infant CPR and can be purchased separately.  Some of the topics included are how to recognize medical emergencies, when and how to administer CPR to an infant, how to care for your infant in emergency situations, choking maneuvers, safe sleep practices, etc.  The second 90-minutes of the workshop focuses on infant care and safety. Learn how to diaper and swaddle your baby, SIDS awareness, feeding basics, bathing, the Back to Sleep program, bulb syringe and thermometer use. Register


Breathing for Birth

In this two hour workshop we explore the benefits of “Conscious Breath”. We hear a lot about breathing in labor but, what does that really mean? Conscious breathing, (especially slow breathing) reduces heart rate, anxiety, and pain perception. It works in part because when breathing becomes a focus, other sensations (such as labor pain) move to the edge of your awareness. Come and learn some breathing techniques to find comfort and rhythm while we incorporate gentle physical movement to build strength, stamina and relaxation. This is an excellent addition to any Childbirth Preparation class. Expectant moms and/or couples welcome. Please wear comfortable clothes to move in. No prior yoga experience necessary. Register