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Awaken the Mom You Are Meant to Be! 

MindfulMoms™ Circle is not the traditional mom group.  Our mission is to create a place for moms—in all stages of motherhood—to join with one another with loving, mindful, intention. Motherhood is the greatest vocation, but it can also be incredibly lonely, challenging, and stressful (among other things!).  As moms it’s so hard not to doubt ourselves, compare ourselves, or blame ourselves, and it can be extremely difficult to ask for help.  In this circle, we build each other up, we remind ourselves that we’re not alone, we encourage one another without judgment, and we’re there for each other—without needing to be asked.  Together, we’ll build our strength, our relationships, and our MindfulMoms™ toolkits.  

Open your mind, inspire your heart, and awaken the mom you’re meant to be by surrounding yourself with moms who empower one another. Plus, our circle extends farther than just ourselves. Guest speakers of all kinds will be with us to inspire, educate, and guide us through the ups and downs of motherhood.  Some examples include pre & postnatal yoga instructors, sleeping specialists, feeding specialists, parenting coaches, baby wearing specialists, reiki practitioners, pre & postnatal fitness specialists, nutrition specialists, essential oils specialists, and lactation specialists.  

The first meet-up is always on us—we want you to see how it feels to be part of our circle.  Bring a friend and the meet-up is complimentary for the both of you! We’ll see you at the circle!