Our Story


The Avalon Wellness Center was created in the Spring of 2016.   Its purpose is to provide a space for women and their families to gain support, guidance and a sense of well-being. 

The Center was the inspiration of Donna Roosa, CNM, co-founder of Avalon Midwives, New Jersey’s premier midwifery practice.  The Midwives have always strived to pair their patients with the best childbirth education instructors, prenatal and postnatal wellness providers, baby preparation instructors and a variety of holistic wellness practitioners to help ensure their patients experience the healthiest pregnancies possible.  It had always been a dream of Donna’s to provide all of these services under one roof.

Avalon Wellness Center was born as the one-stop-wellness-shop for everything pregnancy, birth and beyond.

Who better to co-own and operate Avalon Wellness Center than Donna’s daughter, Jennifer Roosa Watt?  Jennifer is a registered prenatal yoga instructor (RPYT), has her Master’s degree in Elementary Education and is a mother of three, two of whom were conceived through IVF. Jennifer has a passion for natural childbirth, breastfeeding and holistic wellness.

Come experience this local retreat where you will find the support and empowerment you deserve.



Avalon Midwives

Avalon Women's Health is the premier midwifery service in northern New Jersey, with offices in Essex and Morris counties. Taking a holistic approach to women’s healthcare, Avalon midwives provide education and information to guide women making important health and wellness decisions.



Our Birthing Center

Avalon is proud to partner with the only birthing center in New Jersey. We want to empower and support you on your birth choices, allowing you to have your baby in the most holistic environment possible.