The Practitioners


We started off this pregnancy barely knowing anything of what to expect or how to prepare for childbirth. We just knew we wanted it to be as natural as possible. We were hesitant to go the traditional hospital route after doing our own research and the experience we had meeting with the midwives at Avalon...there was just something so unique and special about that place. Laura’s workshop was a miracle to me because it was purely focused on achieving a natural birth and looking after the whole person, both mother and baby. This is exactly what I was hoping for in my own birth experience. Laura brought a touch of humor to every class, she made it fun and engaging. She brought wisdom from her many years of experience. She brought calming empowerment. She brought earnest advice and encouraged us to bond as a couple before this life changing event. We would absolutely attend the workshop over again because of the immediate value it brought to us at the birth of our first baby boy! Thank you Laura!
— Kelsey & Timothy M.
I attended Jennifer Watt’s Mindful Birth workshop before the birth of my third baby. Jen helped me to find the right mindset after having my daughter only a year and a half earlier. I was scared about bringing a baby home to my little toddler and being a good mom to two babies with different needs. Jen helped me to focus on my conscious breath, how to make it deep and rhythmic, which helped my anxiety immensely. We practiced lots of great postures to help my baby get into optimal birthing position and to alleviate some discomfort in pregnancy and labor. She also helped me to become more mindful of each one of my five senses and to think about how I would use each one to keep myself calm and relaxed through labor and delivery. I have to say, IT WORKED! On July 29th, 2018 I had my baby boy with no medical intervention what so ever! Thank you Jen!
— Lauren B.